Research & Inspirations


I have spent 10+ years testing, probing and researching the human PSYCHE. On both conscious and unconscious levels.

Got Master’s Degree in psychology, received multiple grants and awards. Am finishing a PhD now.

I am a total nerd. A book worm. Science groupie.

And I also firmly walk on the ground, make my living with my hands (& mind) and like the race marathons.

Science is great. Science applied to real life is awesome. Science + real life application + passion = where *magic* happens.

So here is a little taste of my scientific magic:

  • the emotions we feel (collective moral emotions: shame, guilt, fear)
  • the words we use (the language of propaganda, linguistic metaphors, how the perception is shaped by the language we use)
  • how the body “speaks” (embodiment, somatic experiencing, how body “keeps the score”)


Here are some of my favorite research projects:

  • the metaphors we live by – looks at the language we use and how it affects every aspect of our life
  • collective rituals – such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. What role do they play in collective wellbeing and processing of collective emotions.
  • the unbearable heaviness of being – where & why do we embody certain emotions. This is a in-depth look into how the body processes shame, guilt and fear.