Programs & Events

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb


Magic happens when like-minded people come together.
Each program I create takes you on a journey that combines the newest scientific research,
applied psychology and personalized approach to EPIC CHANGE.



hacking_time Hacking Time
June 23, 6:30-9:00 PM

Time management = self management.
learn how to HACK TIME in order to Get Epic Sh*t Done.
Badass summer style.
hacking_attraction Hacking Attraction & Intimacy
June 28th, 6-9:00 PM

A deep dive into the art and science of lust, attraction and love.
A very special early summer edition of SelfHackathon where we bring the biggest love hackers of NYC.
FearlessFall The only thing we have to fear is the fear itself – F.D. RooseveltFear is by far the strongest human motivator.
And the scary part is that it often motivates us NOT to do things. Fear paralyzes, immobilizes and keeps us stuck.
FearlessFall is a deep psychological dive into the nature and anatomy of FEARLESSNESS.
You learn simple and yet powerful techniques and methods to turn FEAR into FUEL.
Because “the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”.
Fearless starts here.
ShamelessSummer_event_circle ShamelessSummer is a deep dive into some of the most toxic human emotions – shame and guilt.
Using the newest scientific discoveries you learn step-by-step how to get yourself out of the deadly grip of shame.
It’s a journey from feeling small and invisible to standing tall and shining.
If you are ready to shine you start here.
Fearless Intensive You and I : 1 on 1
If you are ready to step up your game and play bigger, bolder and more beautifully.
Here I am …with the most powerful tools to help you be much more confident and fearless. Personalized mind-hacking.
I’s pretty awesome. And insanely powerful. It’s time to make some Epic Sh*t Happen!


Pati is the real deal – a force of nature with a black belt in mind-hacking. Over the course of 4 Wednesdays she systematically taught us how to identify, confront, and overcome the fear that holds us back from the lives we want. She’s a great teacher and an incredible power of example herself and she’s relentless in her desire to help others become their best selves and to live kick-ass lives. The speakers she brought in were brilliant and diverse and I left each session inspired and, more importantly, with amazing out-of-the-box yet simple tools I could begin to apply right away. I can’t recommend her programs highly enough.

Matt S., NYC


I took part in the international version of Fearless Fall and I must admit that at first I was a bit scared to actually dial in. Minutes into the session I was able to relax and be all in and I don’t regret that I participated! It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about yourself, find out why you react in a certain way and why it is sometimes much easier to just sit still and not take risks. And, most importantly, what happens if you actually take that scary step. There are still ways to go but I’m very excited for what the future holds. Thanks Patrycja for those 4 weeks in October!

Justyna J., Warsaw


Pati does a masterful job of assembling high quality information and presenting it in a way that is always easily understood by relating it to direct experiences, many of which are facilitated right in class. I always look forward to seeing who Pati will call upon to share hidden knowledge and how she will integrate that knowledge into her teachings to provide a more complete picture of the mechanics of complex emotions such as fear, and how they can be altered to live a richer fuller life.

Ben A., NYC